The New Video Revolution

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Mobile Devices

1Mobile devices have better screens, more horsepower and better interface functionality than ever before. With 4G speeds and touchscreen response mobile tech can empower your life. Smaller, sharper, faster, we help you find the best that tech has to offer. Tablets, automotive tech and more; find the best reviews on VidiSmart.


2Smartphones have only been around since 2008. So much has changed since then. Apple and Samsung have futures in flux as the march of great phones from China continues to rise. The overall build quality continues to rise and the operating systems have now become standards. So what makes a good smartphone?  


3Mobile is important. But this year SmartTV has a new renaissance. SmartTVs now number 200 million, and most of them are now 4K? What does your video look like on a large 4K screen? We test everything with the 10 foot view in mind. If your screen isn't UHD it might be time for an upgrade.


4Mobile and smartphone devices are the new smart remotes. The growth of IoT is fueled by smaller processors and lower power. From nanotech up, mini devices in your stuff will connect to the bigger devices in your hand. We review the newest evolution that changes your life.


Recent Projects


Smartphones and mobile devices are the largest area of consumer electronics. They connect and command our world in ways we never imagined. Learn about the best products and accesories to improve your life. Home entertainment and 4K TVs also play a role in the growth of consumer tech. Still in a nascent growth phase, the new face of the consumer home is based on the Internet of things.

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To Cut or Not to Cut

DirectTV NOW is the latest, but is it the best.

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Android TV

SmartTV Computers

Windows 10, Apple TV and Android all offer options. But what's the best way to get your content. Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Amazon and more are pretty common. Kodi may be a little harder. learn more

The Internet of Things

What are the smartest choices for your smart home. Connect your world and let the little bots run it for you.